Jen North

About Jen North

I am an acoustic singer-songwriter and I’m 18, I started gigging in my home town and wider region of Shropshire when I was 15. I started songwriting at 10, dropped it for a bit and then picked it back up when I was 14, at which point I started putting my songs onto youtube and called myself ‘Thedyslexicvlogger’.

I could go on to explain what I’m like, but I feel you can always tell from someone’s wardrobe, mine well… is all Charity shop clothes, I’m a strong believer that they are the way forward; Affordable, you’ll never walk down the street and see someone with the same top as you and you’re giving to a charity!! You’ll see most of my clothes are colourful- flares, patterned blouses and I have a little obsession with Docs…

One of my favourite things about music is performing the songs I’ve written, when I perform, this is when I feel most present and honest. I’ve grown up living in a big family, I think this is amazing as you can see how their lives pan out and learn from the things they go through (along with it being a mad house 24/7)- I get a lot of inspiration from this for my songwriting.

So what have I done on my musical journey so far you may ask? well so far I have probably done more than 100 gigs (since the age of 15) performing on stages such as The Ned, The bedford, The halfmoon and I supported two 80’s bands (Go West and China Crisis), uploaded a tonne of music content on my social media, did a Charity Shop Tour! (I went around my local area singing in charity shops!), was lucky enough to be scouted for some amazing TV shows (although not being the route I want to go down) released 2 singles and an EP and currently now trying to work on this sound, developing it so it is 100% me!

Taking inspiration from Fleetwood Mac, Kate Bush, Amy Winehouse, The Japanese House, Clairo, Maggie Rogers and everything in between, I just love the way these artists metaphorically take you somewhere else, there’s nothing better than sitting in a field with earphones on and just letting the world pass you by <3